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Assisting businesses and individuals in maximizing the benefits of tax-advantaged venture capital schemes.

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Venture Capital Investment

New and innovative businesses often face challenges turning exciting ideas into reality, especially in markets dominated by established players. The failure rates can be high, making it difficult for these businesses to raise finance for growth and expansion through traditional avenues, which can be tough or prohibitively expensive. However, for those willing to invest, such businesses can offer a remarkable opportunity for capital growth. Tax-advantaged venture capital schemes aim to incentivize investors by offering generous tax breaks, making it easier for businesses to secure the finance they need.

Venture Capital Investment

How we can support your business

Leewop provides a full venture capital investment service to enable companies to raise finance through the EIS or SEIS schemes. With years of expertise in helping businesses raise finance through venture capital schemes, we are able to provide guidance on some of the more complex processes involved and reduce the amount of work you need to do.

Our main services include:

Helping with the submission of advance assurance applications to HMRC.

Collaborating with clients to create comprehensive business plans.

Creating investment brochures that secure finance solutions.

Completion and submission of compliance statements to HMRC.

How we can support individual taxpayers

EIS, SEIS, and VCT investments provide generous tax advantages that can contribute to an individual's balanced investment strategy, minimizing income tax and CGT liabilities.

Leewop can offer a comprehensive, personal analysis of your tax position and provide advice on how venture capital investments may play a role in growing your wealth while fully capitalizing on the available tax benefits.

Why choose Leewop for venture capital investments?

We understand how important your time is and that you have lots of competing priorities. Instead of spending your time working through financial details and performing tax administration and compliance-related tasks, we manage all of that work on your behalf. This means that you can dedicate more of your time to the work that drives your success.

At Leewop, our chartered tax advisers can provide you with all the advice you need, taking the hassle out of your obligations. We offer:

  • A dedicated tax department with extensive experience and expertise
  • Tax consultants who are Chartered Tax Advisers, ensuring reliable and up-to-date advice
  • A single point of contact for all your inquiries
  • A service that is tailor-made for you
  • Quick response times - you will never be left waiting for a reply to an email or call back
  • Business heritage dating back over 120 years
  • UK -based accountants with national and international reach
  • Valuable time saving with technology solutions
  • Hands-on partners who give you the best advice
  • Registration with ICAEW, CIOT and other regulated professional bodies, giving you peace of mind that we deliver the highest standard of regulated service

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