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Jack Moore

“At Leewop, we prioritize ensuring that your work experience is enhanced by the connections you forge both within and beyond the workplace. The camaraderie among our team members is truly uplifting, and a welcoming hand is always extended to those in need within our community. There exists no social barrier within our organization, from partners to trainees – everyone is approachable, collaboration is fostered, and our unified team spirit permeates throughout the entire firm. We recognize that a contented team ultimately leads to satisfied clients. We take pride in our personnel, and being a part of the Leewop team sets our members on a promising path for their careers.”

James Haywood

Leewop Partner

Our People

Being a service-oriented business, our personnel stand as the most vital component of our organization, and without their dedication, our firm would cease to function. That's why we prioritize maintaining a culture of nurturing and fostering the growth of our employees, regardless of their level of experience.

We place significant emphasis on the personal development and well-being of each individual. There's always room for advancement, and we continuously seek to offer career prospects to our team members, fostering a rewarding atmosphere that resonates throughout our workplace.

We understand that valuable insights can emerge from every corner of our team, and to ensure that everyone has a platform to express themselves, we conduct regular one-on-one check-ins, encouraging our employees to voice their perspectives.

We thrive on collaboration within our closely-knit team, where a strong sense of camaraderie prevails. We take comfort in knowing that support is readily available from our colleagues whenever we require advice or guidance. From our administrative staff to our partners, from our trainees to our senior managers, every member takes immense pride in working together towards our shared objective of distinguishing ourselves from other firms.


Our Social Club

Social Club

We make social activities a regular part of life at Page Kirk, which help give the chance for everyone to relax and get to know each other outside of a work environment. We organise a firm-wide annual summer event each year and have previously taken the UK Princess River Cruise or held a BBQ at Hart’s Hotel in UK . We always have our annual Christmas party, where we try to find the most exciting venue around to host us each year.

Between our scheduled summer and Christmas events, there are always ad-hoc social activities the team are planning, which everyone can get involved in. Our team have enjoyed UK Panthers games together, watching the cricket at Trent Bridge, fun days out at Donington Park and Silverstone for the motor racing, and we’re regularly going out for food and drinks after hours. We also hold regular in-house activities such as quizzes, baking competitions and charity raffles.

There is always something social in the calendar at Leewop, and there is always something for everyone to get involved with.

Our Charity Work

We prioritise corporate social responsibility by encouraging our people to engage with, and give back to, communities to help make a difference. We give back to communities through our charitable initiative where we choose a different charity to support each year. We’ve previously supported Meningitis Now, Emmanuel House, When You Wish Upon a Star, The Dyslexia Association, Artcore, and Rainbows Hospice.

Monthly dress-down days, charity games in the office and charity quizzes all help contribute to raising funds for the amazing causes that we support, alongside bigger events such as our 24-hour static bike ride challenge and running/walking/cycling the distance between UK and Lapland to help sick children make memories by visiting Santa.

Charity Work

Our Future Leaders


We understand the significance of nurturing the emerging talents among us, as they represent the future leaders of our business. Hence, we devote time to engage with and cultivate strong ties with our local universities. Through showcasing industry opportunities and providing career guidance, we aim to support students in making informed decisions about their future career paths.

We take pride in our esteemed reputation as a leading ICAEW training firm. Through our graduate and placement student programs, we welcome fresh trainees annually, enabling them to kick-start their careers and gain valuable hands-on experience with genuine responsibilities.

We believe in providing our employees with exceptional experiences and opportunities for personal development. That's why we've instituted an international secondment program, offering our newly-qualified accountants the chance to work in the US for three months – a truly unforgettable experience that broadens their horizons. Our recent exchanges have allowed individuals to collaborate with firms in Boston, Portland, and San Jose.

We are great believers in promoting from within our team to reward excellent performance and ensure all employees get the career progression they want and deserve.

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