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Employee Share Schemes

Regardless of your company's size or the number of employees, we can provide guidance on the most suitable methods for rewarding and incentivizing your team.

Understanding Employee Share Schemes

Employee share schemes are initiatives that enable employees to purchase company shares, often at a discounted rate. These programs aim to align the interests of employees and shareholders by providing employees with a financial stake in the success of the company.

The popularity of employee share schemes is on the rise, with both employers and employees recognizing the mutual benefits of such initiatives.

From an employer's perspective, these schemes provide a powerful incentive for employees to contribute to the growth of the business. They can integrate employees into the company's mid to long-term plans, leading to reduced staff turnover and increased continuity.

For employees, share schemes offer the chance to financially participate in the success of the business they work for.

Leewop has extensive experience advising both employers and employees. We can guide business owners in selecting the most suitable share scheme and assist in its implementation. Additionally, we help employees understand the implications of a proposed share scheme, ensuring they navigate potential pitfalls successfully.

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We offer advice on the following tax advantaged share schemes:

  • Share Incentive Plans (SIPs)
  • Save As You Earn (SAYE)
  • Company Share Option Plans (CSOPs)
  • Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs)
  • Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

We can also advise on non-tax advantaged share awards and the implications the employment related securities legislation could have on both sides.

Why Opt for Leewop for Your Employee Share Scheme Needs?

Managing the administration of employee share schemes can be intricate and time-consuming. However, Leewop can handle all the necessary tasks on your behalf while advising you on the optimal options. We ensure that you operate in the most tax-efficient and compliant manner possible.

At Leewop, our chartered tax advisers specialize in employee share schemes, offering comprehensive advice to provide you with peace of mind.

  • A dedicated tax department with a wealth of experience and expertise
  • Tax Consultants with Chartered Tax Adviser status, ensuring sound and up-to-date advice
  • Single point of contact so you aren’t being passed from pillar to post
  • Reliable, professional, tailored and personal service
  • Digital expertise to deliver efficiencies through advanced technological solutions
  • UK -based tax advisers with national and international reach

Choosing Leewop ensures not only compliance with laws and regulations but also the assurance that our team will identify areas for improvement in your business, enabling you to maximize its potential.

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