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With the growth of your E-Commerce business, the demand for comprehensive accounting services also increases. Let us handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs, allowing you to concentrate on the continued expansion of your company.

In the ever-changing landscape of the E-Commerce industry, a specialized accountant not only ensures compliance with evolving regulations but also collaborates with you to identify emerging business prospects and potential tax advantages.

Opting for Leewop as your E-Commerce accounting partner grants you access to extensive accounting expertise accumulated over the years, catering to businesses of various sizes. We provide support to numerous online enterprises, including those employing a dropshipping model, sellers on major online platforms like Amazon and eBay, Etsy store operators, and businesses managing their own Shopify or Woocommerce websites.


Empower Your Business with Our E-Commerce Accounting Services

Transparent Financial Reporting

By implementing cutting-edge digital accounting software that seamlessly integrates with major E-Commerce platforms, our skilled professionals deliver crucial insights about your business. Leveraging this data, we offer guidance to fuel your growth, identify opportunities for service enhancements, and support your product development for increased efficiency.

VAT and Technical E-Commerce Tax Assistance

While taxes are inevitable, proactive planning and strategic tax management can help minimize your bill. Maintaining comprehensive records allows for optimal VAT reclamation on purchases. Without proper documentation such as VAT receipts or purchase invoices, reclaiming input VAT becomes challenging. For newly VAT-registered businesses, it's essential to note the ability to reclaim VAT on goods purchased up to four years prior to registration and services acquired up to six months before registration.

IOSS/OSS requirements

With the UK's departure from the European Union, there are now additional requirements for businesses wishing to sell to EU customers. If you are a UK-based company selling goods to EU customers through your website or Shopify, it is essential to register for the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS). This single registration, applicable for consignments under £135/€150, enables you to trade with all 27 EU member countries, streamlining reporting requirements and allowing more time for sales activities. Monthly VAT returns, handled by us on your behalf, ensure that the VAT on your EU sales is appropriately paid to each relevant EU country. However, this process requires an intermediary established in the EU.

Leewop LLP has partnered with Avalara, working closely to provide assurance and meet all IOSS requirements. For consignments exceeding £135/€, alternative methods must be used for importing goods.

The Union One Stop Shop (OSS) is applicable for consignments over £135/€150, specifically for business-to-consumer sales between two EU countries. This is particularly advantageous if you source goods from EU suppliers, facilitating the transfer of goods from the supplier's EU country to the customer's EU country.

Accurate Bookkeeping

Accurate bookkeeping is essential if you want up-to-date financial reports that you can use to track and analyse your business finances. Monthly bookkeeping provides continuous insight into your business activities, so that you can se how your business is performing and make sensible business decisions based on those reports. In addition, it allows you to plan for future tax liabilities much earlier than if you left all reporting to the year end.

Software integration and training

In addition to holding certifications as Xero advisors and Platinum QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we boast a specialized team focused on digital accounting. We are committed to seamlessly integrating your E-Commerce site with your accounting software, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on accurate data. Our team of certified advisers is ready to provide the training necessary to ensure you maximize the potential of the software.

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